Micro Lending Platform

Micro Lending Platform

Micro Lending Platform

Micro Lending Platform supports banks, telcos and financial service providers streamlining your loan origination processes and increases operational efficiency in the credit decision making process. The credit decision engine helps to precisely analyze credit risk, automate underwriting and origination workflows, and optimize integration with third party data providers. Integrate various data sources such as Mobile Money, Credit Bureaus, Bank Account Information, Social Media, Spending Patters from SMS Transactions and more.

Credit applications are evaluated against lender’s specific credit policies and strategies. Additionally, banks and financial institutions can execute compliance checks, such as matching against blacklists and fraud detection.

We use AI Engines – We use Artificial Intelligence to Drive your loan decisions and origination mechanism into a flexible and automated system

AI Engines composites
  • Confluence Neural Network
  • Deep Q Learning
  • Artificinal New Network

We use 3 sets of AI Engines to achieve an intelligent and automated decision making process.

credit decision engine

You can noow optimize the fully automated decision-making systems of the whole credit management process.

  • Standard & Consistent Processes
  • Precise Data Sources
  • AI Decision making enginers
  • Fully Automated & Audit Proof
  • Monitor in Real Time
  • Automated Maintenance on Non Performing Loans
powerful processing rules

Our Credit Decision Platform enables standardized and consistent lending decisions to be made on a centralized platform. The platform supports any number of diverse credit institution requirements including product and country-specific requirements.

The Credit Decision Platform reduces processing times and enables the partial or full automation of the credit decision process. Depending on a bank’s lending policies and guidelines, applications can be sent to a loan officer or credit analyst for manual underwriting.

Credit decisions strategies can be tested before they are placed into operation, which is completed by simulating revised rule models against a historic set of credit applications. During operations, the software tracks extensive meta data, such as processing and idle times, providing valuable insights and helping to optimize loan origination processes.

Data Sources & Decision Making

Credit application data can be captured manually or imported from existing front-end systems. To interface with external data sources for data enrichment, the Credit Bureau Gateway provides standard connectors to various credit bureaus worldwide. Some of the connectors: –

  • Mobile Money Connector – Retrieve Customer Information
  • Bank Connector – Account Information
  • SMS Reader – Fetch Transactions Info
  • Social Media– Fetch Information from Social Media
  • Device Info – Device Type Information
  • Spending Pattern – Decisions Builder
  • Repayment Pattern – Decisions based on Repayments
competitor research & analysis
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We offer consulting services as well. Do you have issues around Payment Systems and Payments Security? Feel free to reach us.

PurpleFire really helped us achieve our solution goals. The quick implementation and technically sound team.

Micro Lending Platform
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Head of Payment Services, S A E Limited

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