FuelFlex Enterprise

fuelflex enteprise

A Complete Payment Solution for Fuel Stations with a Dealer Structure in place. Issue Fully Branded EMV enabled Chip & PIN Fuel Cards to both your retail and corporate clients. Allowing multiple top-up options such as Mobile Money Top Up, On-Station Top Up and Bank Deposit. Configure products with granular limits per customer per card.

  • POS Terminal – With Products such as Fuel, Oil and more.
  • EMV Chip & PIN – Fully Branded Secure Card
  • Dealer Portal – Dedicated Portal for Dealer Stations
  • Customer Portal – Consumer Portal with Complete Reporting
  • Admin Portal – Complete Backend Control
  • Station QR – A Quick Station QR For Payments
  • Mobile App – Fully Branded App for your Customers
  • Fuel Card
  • Fuel App

key features

Configurable Fuel Products

Create a wide range of Fuel Products in the system and manage their configurations with ease. You can set price, limits and availability all from one interface.

Station Management

This module allows you to create fuel stations and attach a dealer to a station. Dealers can pre-purchase products from you and manage dealer performance. A station can always be reassigned to another dealer.

Settlement & Reporting Engine

A comprehensive list of reports that allow you to view your sales and transactions across your product portfolio, station or dealer performance and settlement reports for your dealers

User Rights and Profile Management

Create Roles and Permissions for your internal staff and assign them specific rights for sensitive tasks. Example you can create staff that are just responsible for Card Generation.

Transaction Engine

The core transaction engine is built using C++. It is capable of handling over 500 Transactions per second on a very small server infrastructure.

Dealer & Merchant Management

Dealers and Merchants play a crucial role in reselling fuel products. The system can assign products & stations and are mapped to dealers.

portal management

Admin Portal

Completely manage the system using this powerful admin portal. From Card Issuance to product management.

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Dealer Portal

Your dealers can now view and manage their information from their dedicated portal.

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Customer Portal

Corporate & Retail Customers view their statements and manage their cards online.

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strategy development

  • Retail Customers
  • Corporate Customers

configurable services

fuel products

Configure Products like Petrol, Kerosene, Oil, Car Wash, Diesel and more . All products will populate on the POS Menu

Card Management

Configure, Generate and Issue EMV Cards within the Admin Portal. Card Activation is done using One Time PIN over the phone.


Ready Available integration to ERPs, Mobile Money and SMS Gateway. Configure Transaction Notifications via SMS

Limits Management

Configure all sorts of product limits, card limits, station limits based on value and velocity.

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