Digital Wallet Platform

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Digital Wallet Platform
Amanda Flenning
Head of Payment Services, S A E Limited
Digital Wallet Platform

Our Digital Wallet Platform is a secure, proven, robust and scalable electronic wallet solution. It can be used to transact any item that can be counted or unitised. Key uses-cases are money, but also include loyalty points, coupons, tokens and any other unit, such as kilowatts of energy.

Digital wallets enable users to set up and manage personal accounts and perform transactions over the Internet – including via mobile devices – and/or via magnetic stripe cards, private-label cards and near field communications (NFC) equipped devices.

Feature Sets

Withdrawals &
Balance & Statements
Purchases & Transfers
Self Registration & Onboarding
Conversational Payments &
Gift Coupons
PIN Security SDK
& Device ID Management

Wallet Services

Offer Wallet Services in your market:

  • Mobile Money — complete suite of services
  • Bill Payment Services
  • QR Based Payments
  • Coupons & Loyalty Wallets
  • Mirco Savings Services
  • Utility Services Wallets

Major Wallet Channels

  • Mobile Apps
  • USSD
  • Web

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Market Penetration & usage

  • Web Based Wallets
  • App Based Wallets

How does it all work?

Each Customer is a assigned a single or set of Store Value Accounts where it securely stores an electronic unit such as Money, Tokens, Points. You can then set Business Rules across the SVAs such as Limits, Charges, Fees and Velocities. Depending on the Channel available to the customer, he/she can Top Up, Withdraw, Purchase or Transfer that Electronic Value.

Consumer Channels for Digital Wallets can vary depending on your payment strategy, however our system offers a unified experience across Web, App and USSD. Consumers can securely access their wallets using either or all of the channels available.

If the Principal value is Money, then it must abide with your local banking regulations for handling Electronic Value. Every channel ensures the latest security standards are implemented across.

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